Before You Arrive in the Caribbean

 Airport Arrival Tips

After arriving, you’ll have to proceed through Immigration and Customs.  Here are a few tips:

Departing the plane:

  You will depart the plane,  there will be airport personnel there to direct you on where to go after departing the plane, or, you can just follow the other passengers!


Make sure you have filled out completely the Immigration/Customs cards given to you on the flight. 

Have your Immigration cards and passports in hand when you approach the immigration booth.  This will make things go much quicker.

Depending on how many other flights arrive at the same time as yours, the wait to get through Immigration could take a while. 

After clearing Immigration, proceed to the baggage claim area (there will be someone showing you the way).  Depending on how long it took you to get through Immigration, your luggage may already be off the carousel and just grouped together with lots of other luggage.  This is when it’s handy to have some sort of colorful ribbon or something to distinguish your luggage from everyone else.


Once you have claimed your luggage, proceed to Customs.  They may search your luggage before you proceed.

After clearing Customs, you’ll go to the area where all the transportation companies have small booths set up.  Just look for the transport company on your documents and they will take care of you from there.  Please note that there are some Timeshare representatives in the area that may try to get you follow them.  Just say “no, thank you” and proceed to your transport company.


Have a great trip!