Glass Bridges of the World

Is a fear of heights instinctual? Most of us approach a steep drop-off with a great deal of respect, inching up to the ledge with caution. Many of us shrink at photography of free-climbers and tightrope walkers braving great heights. But what about that middle ground, where the danger from the height is illusory, with a barrier under your feet to the distances below? Welcome to some of the most astonishing glass bridges of the world.

  • Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, China

    Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge, China

    The world’s highest glass-bottomed bridge; this bridge is almost 984 ft directly above the canyon floor and spans about 1400 ft. The Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge also has activities for the true adrenaline junkie, such as the world’s highest bungee jump platform. With the beauty of the Zhangjiajie National Forest as a background, the views available for the brave traveler are absolutely stunning. Also in the national forest are chances for hiking, panoramic views, and zip lines.

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  • Grand Canyon Skywalk, USA

    Grand Canyon Skywalk, USA

    This glass platform lets the traveler look almost 4,000 ft down the magnificent western Grand Canyon. Extending 70 ft out from the canyon’s edge, looking down can be a feat of overcoming fear. Camera and personal belongings are not allowed on the skywalk itself, and protective coverings for shoes are required, but there are plenty of spaces to catch a good photo.

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  • Glacial Skywalk, Canada

    Glacial Skywalk, Canada

    Reaching out over the Sunwapta Valley in Alberta, Canada, the Glacial Skywalk is in Jasper National Park along the Icefields Parkway. With the Canadian Rockies as the backdrop and the Sunwapta River carving through the valley below, the views from the skywalk are extraordinary at about 885 ft above. The surrounding area also has hiking and tours of sites such as glaciers and waterfalls. Informative exhibits also show the ecosystem in full and the effects of climate change on the environment of the area.

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  • Hongyagu Glass Bridge, China

    Hongyagu Glass Bridge, China

    This glass bridge is the longest in the world, coming in at 1,600 ft in length. Spanning over the Hongya Valley Scenic area, the two cliffs on either side of the bridge rise up almost 715 feet above the valley floor. Hongyagu Glass Bridge offers panoramic views of the dramatic cliffs and lush forests along a winding review below.

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  • Dachstein Skywalk, Austria

    Dachstein Skywalk, Austria

    The Dachstein Skywalk is in the mountains of the same, the Dachstein Mountains. This glass skywalk sits at an exhilarating 8858-ft elevation, perfect for taking in the view of surrounding mountain peaks rising into the sky and even glaciers like Dachstein Glacier.

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  • The Aiguelle du Midi Skywalk, France

    The Aiguelle du Midi Skywalk, France

    This glass skywalk has an amazing panorama of French valleys and mountain peaks. With the Chamonix Valley below, the visitors are treated to an elevation of about 12,605 feet with the French Alps surrounding the 360-degree view.

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  • Tower Bridge Glass Walkway

    Tower Bridge Glass Walkway

    Located in the bustling and historic city of London, this glass walkway offers a view of Tower Bridge from above. At 138 ft above the River Thames, visitors can look down on pedestrians, traffic, and the river.

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  • Red Heart Glass Bridge, Vietnam

    Red Heart Glass Bridge, Vietnam

    A glass bridge overlooking lush greenery, sheer cliffs and peaks in Vietnam, the Red Heart Glass Bridge in Moc Chau isn’t as high up as the other glass bridges — but, what it lacks in elevation, it makes up for with the absolute paradise that is below and around this bridge. The visitor walks through red heart gateways on each side of the 262-ft long bridge, while enjoying the river below through glass.

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  • Huangtengxia Tianmen Sky Walk, China

    Huangtengxia Tianmen Sky Walk, China

    A unique design among glass bridges around the world, the Huangtengxia Tianmen Sky Walk in China juts out from a mountain into a loop at the end. At 4,593 ft above sea level, the a Zhangjiajie National Forest sits below the glass skywalk. To add to the already panoramic views, special lighting patterns are sent through the skywalk to illuminate the walkway.

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